Learning Pnar and English language – Part 2


  1. Thang – Burn
  2. Thngan – Hungry
  3. Da kdang – I am full
  4. Chong – Sit
  5. Yein -Stand
  6. Lai – Walk
  7. Miat – Beautiful
  8. Sih dur – ugly
  9. Lok – Friend
  10. Kmen – Happy

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Learn Korean, Khasi, Pnar, English languages with me

I''m in Nartiang Monolith and let's learn languages

I”m in Nartiang Monolith and let’s learn languages

Korean:     온늘 어때요?

English: How are you today?

Pnar : Kamon Phi?

Khasi: Phi long kumno?


Korean:  좋아요. 고마워요

English: Good/ I’m fine. Thank you!

Pnar: Biang hee. Khublei Shibun!

Khasi: Nga khlain. Khublei Shibun!

Learn Manipuri, Khasi, Pnar, English languages with me


Manipur, North East India

Chak za rabo? ( Manipur)

Have you had your dinner? (English)

Da dep bam ja? (Pnar)

Lah dep bam ja? (Khasi)


Za-re (Manipur)

Yes, I’m done (English)

Hao, da dep (Pnar)

Haoid, Lah dep (Khasi)


Kai da zat kadao pano (Manipur)

Where are you going? (English)

Cheyvon (pronounce von as 1)  lai phi? (Pnar)

Shaei phin leit? (Khasi)





Jaintia/ Pnar



Learning Languages of Khasi and Pnar/ Synteng 

Do you want to learn ‘Tribal languages‘ of Meghalaya North East India?  If Yes, I’m willing to help 😊🤗

Mother – Mei ( Khasi)

Mother – Bei ( Pnar)

Father – Pa ( Khasi)

Father – Pa ( Pnar)

I – Nga ( Khasi)

I – Nga ( Pnar)

Love – ieid ( Khasi)

Love – Maia or Maya (Pnar)

I love my parents

Nga ieid ia i mei I pa (Khasi)

Nga Maya o ia ka bei u pa (Pnar)

My lost sister

I remember we went to attend my distance relative’s funeral in Shillong city and we realized that my 6years old sister went missing, my parents and families were worried and went to search for her, but we can’t find her, but later she comes back on her own and we realized that we forget her in the graveyard alone. When she reaches my relative’s house, she tells us how she prays as she walk the city road alone till she reach my relative’s house